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Informativa ai sensi dell'art.13 del decreto legislativo n.196/2003

The present disclosure relates to the site www.studioperugia.it (below, the "Website") and it is intended for all those who access the web pages of the Site, both to those who use the site without logging (Visiting User), both to those who, as a result of the registration procedure, using and enjoying the services dedicated to registered users (Registered user).

La presente informativa non si riferisce ad altri siti Internet a cui l'utente può accedere attraverso i collegamenti ipertestuali presenti all'interno del Sito, which will be subject to the rules provided by the respective Privacy Policy.

1) Data processor

Personal data is handled : Perugia S.r.l. member company. , via Aglebert, 22/e, 40134 Bologna (BO) - P.Iva 02251551202


2) Aims of treatment - because we use your personal information?

2.1 Members Visitors

The processing of personal data of users is aimed Visitors, exclusively, a consentire agli Utenti Visitatori la navigazione all'interno del Sito

2.2 Registered Users

The personal data of Registered Users will be used, as well as for the purposes of point 2.1, also for the overall conduct and the management of any purchases, and then to manage orders, provide products and services, process payments, communicate with you about orders Registered, products, services and promotional offers (once you made a first purchase), update our records and, generally, manage the account Registered User, show content such as customer reviews, etc., to recommend products and services that may be of interest recorded.

The Holder will use the personal data of Users of Registered Users and Visitors also to improve the shop on line and platform, to prevent or detect fraud or abuses against the Site. The personal data of users will, also, essere utilizzati per l'adempimento degli obblighi di legge.

User data, if the release of express authorization (subject to the exception provided for in Article 130 comma 4 Legislative Decree n.196 / 2003), They may also be processed for sending newsletter containing material and promotional initiatives, announcements and commercial communications by the Company.

Also, always in the case of release of a specific consent, the data collected will be used by the Company to carry out analyzes of the performance and attitudes Business User (cd. "profiling").


3) Data processed - we will use such information?

3.1 The navigation data

E' possibile accedere al Sito senza che all'utente venga richiesto il conferimento di alcun dato personale.

However, computer systems and software used to operate the Site acquire, during their normal operation, alcuni dati personali la cui trasmissione è implicita nell'uso dei protocolli di comunicazione di Internet.

Such information is not collected to be associated with identified, but also by their very nature, could, through processing and associations, permettere l'identificazione dell'utente.

This category includes the IP addresses of the computers used by users who connect to the Site, l'Url delle risorse richieste, l'orario della richiesta, the size of the file received in response, etc...

Questi dati vengono utilizzati soltanto per ricavare informazioni statistiche anonime sull'uso del Sito (which, in particular, the number of accesses) and to check its correct functioning and is deleted immediately after processing.
This process is not scheduled to receive information directly identifying users.


3.2 I dati comunicati volontariamente dall'utente

The Holder will use, also, the personal information provided by users in order to use certain services or to obtain information in relation to the services provided by the Website, for example through the forwarding of messages through the "contact" page.


4) Cookies - What are they and how we use them

Un cookie è un file di testo che un sito web invia al browser del computer dell'utente. Il browser salva l'informazione e la ritrasmette al server del sito nel momento in cui il browser accede nuovamente a quel sito web.

A cookie contains, generally, the Internet domain name (l'indirizzo IP del sito) from which the cookie, the "duration" del cookie (cioè l'indicazione del momento in cui lo stesso scade), and a numerical code, usually a randomly generated unique number.

I cookie utilizzati all'interno del Sito assolvono a mere finalità di natura tecnica e, by any chance, saranno utilizzati con la finalità di esaminare e studiare i comportamenti dell'utente all'interno del Sito.

There are three types of cookies used on the Site:

  • cookie functionality: cookies that optimize the usability of the site and features of e-commerce for visitors. The cookie functionality can be:


  • analytical cookies: la Società si serve dei cookie di Google Analytics e Tag Commander allo scopo di analizzare l'utilizzo del Sito da parte dei visitatori e apportare quindi miglioramenti alla semplicità di utilizzo del Sito. Google and Tag Commander process in an anonymous data obtained through the Website;


  • cookie profiling: The Company uses these cookies to create a profile that allows anonymous browsing to view targeted or behavioral advertising, to show content and propose commercial initiatives. Even these cookies are managed by the Company.


5) The Third Party Cookies

The Site uses cookies to plug-in social network of several third-party. This lets you share the contents of the site on certain social networks. These plug-ins also optimize the ease of use of the Site. Thanks to the plug-in Facebook, eg, the user can register on the site so simple, by means of the functionality Facebook Connect. L'utilizzo dei dati raccolti da terze parti mediante i plug-in dei social network viene determinato esclusivamente dalle terze parti in questione. The Company is not able to access these cookies, as well as third parties can not access cookies of the Company. To get information about third party cookies, Refer to the policy of the party in question.


6) Disabling and Enabling Cookies

Everytime, l'utente avrà comunque la facoltà di accettare o meno l'utilizzo dei cookie modificando le impostazioni del suo browser. If cookies are disabled, it will not be, however, You can enjoy all the services and all the features of the Site.

There are several ways to manage cookies. Qualora l'utente utilizzasse dei computer diversi in differenti postazioni, must ensure that each browser is set correctly. L'utente può facilmente cancellare ogni cookie installato nella cartella cookie, following the procedures established in the browser.


7) Optional nature of providing data

A respect for navigation data, l'utente è libero di fornire i dati personali riportati nel modulo di registrazione o altrimenti richiesti al fine di fornire un determinato servizio.

Il loro mancato conferimento può comportare l'impossibilità di usufruire di determinati servizi forniti dal Sito.


8) Dissemination and communication of data

Personal data collected will not be subject to disclosure. Personal data collected will be shared by the Company exclusively to other companies that provide technical support to the Company with exclusive reference to the technical management of the site.


9) Diritti dell'interessato

L'art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 It gives specific rights. In particular, you may:

  1. a) ottenere la conferma dell'esistenza o meno di dati personali che La riguardano, even if not yet registered, and their communication in intelligible form;
  2. b) ottenere l'indicazione dell'origine dei dati personali, the purposes and methods of treatment, della logica applicata in caso di trattamento effettuato con l'ausilio di strumenti elettronici, the identity of the holder, del responsabile e del rappresentante designati ai sensi dell'articolo 6, comma 1 of this information, the subjects or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, of responsible or in charge;
  3. c) get: a) l'aggiornamento, correction or, if interested, l'integrazione dei dati; b) cancellation, the anonymous transformation or blocking of data in violation of the law, including those which need not be kept for the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed; c) l'attestazione che le operazioni di cui alle lettere a) e b) They have been notified, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data were communicated or disseminated, except in cases where this proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate to the protected right;
  4. d) oppose, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons the processing of personal data relating to you, even for the purpose of collection; b) to the processing of your personal data for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct sales or for carrying out market research or commercial communication;
  5. e) select the means by which they wish to be contacted for the purposes of points 2.2.ae 2.2.b, and in particular indicate whether you wish to be contacted by the manner cd. traditional (paper mail, telephone operator), by how cd. automated (email, sms, phone without operator etc.) or both categories.

To exercise the rights provided by. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 you may write to info@studioperugia.it


10) Processing methods

The processing of personal data will be by means of computerized and / or electronic, either on paper. In any case the appropriate means will be used to ensure the security and confidentiality of data, through the adoption of safety measures required by the Privacy Code regarding the protection of personal data.

I dati personali degli utenti verranno conservati presso la sede del titolare del trattamento designato ai sensi dell'articolo 1. They will have access to personal data of the employees of the Company.


11) Data retention

I dati personali dell'utente saranno conservati per il solo tempo necessario a garantire la corretta prestazione dei servizi richiesti, subject to specific legal obligations concerning the conservation of accounting documentation or for purposes of public security.

Upon expiry of this period, i dati personali dell'utente saranno cancellati o trasformati in forma anonima, so as not to allow, also indirectly, l'identificazione degli interessati.